Avast is an internet security suite respected b third-party testing agencies. The Avast Internet Security suite includes security components that all security suites ought to include, such as a firewall, spam filters, a game mode, safe browsing, privacy protection and file sharing protection. Avast is a fitting choice for those who like to engage in risky online behavior such as viewing video from unknown sources, P2P file sharing, image viewing, social media link-clicking and free game playing. This security suite has a tool called SafeZone, which can provide safe, secure web interactions in a zone separate from your computer. It also has a sandbox for running suspicious applications.

This security software provides complete internet protection. It scans for viruses, notifies you if you visit a suspicious site, detects hidden scripts, scans email for malware and checks files downloaded via P2P sites. It can also block malware such as Trojans, keyloggers, spyware, browser hijackers and network dangers.

The Avast internet security suite has all the tools you need to protect your identity and your computer. However, it does not have parental controls for monitoring what children do online and it will not block their access to restricted websites. Nevertheless, if you do not have children to monitor, Avast is suitable for unrestricted adult usage. It has powerful tools for protecting credit card numbers, personal information and browsing history.

You can run custom scans with this application as well as schedule scans. It has a game mode and full screen mode for reducing interruptions and system usage during game playing or video viewing. It does not have a virtual keyboard for bypassing keyloggers, but when you are browsing using the SafeZone it will protect your login information and card numbers.

Avast Internet Security is easy to use, but there are also several support resources available for extra help. Online you can find support through a searchable knowledgebase, tutorial videos and help documentation. Another great support outlet is the user forum, especially since Avast has a huge dedicated user base. For English-speaking phone support, Avast has partnered with iYogi to provide help with installation, configuration and troubleshooting. They do not yet provide instant chat support. For timely update and threat information, you can follow Avast on Facebook and Twitter.

Avast Internet Security Summary:

In the past few years, Avast has greatly improved from the popular free antivirus version. However, if you need a product to protect your entire family, you will want to look to one of our higher-ranked products that include parental controls and the ability to manage unique user profiles.


Avast Internet Security 2014

Avast provides a safe, private browser to protect against the dangers of risky internet behavior.

This internet security suite does not include parental controls or the ability to create unique user profiles.

The Verdict
: 8.25/10

The Avast Internet Security suite is suitable for PCs or laptops used by one adult user. It does not have tools to block websites, content or search results from children or teenage users.