BullGuard Internet Security balances good looks with simplicity and performance to bring you effective protection. BullGuard makes it easy to decide exactly how much interaction you want to have with the software. BullGuard also understands that some want to install the software and never look at it again and others want to tweak every characteristic. This internet security suite includes powerful default setting and advanced configuration options for those who want to dictate exactly how the software reacts.

This internet security software can protect your computer and personal information from all types of malware, including viruses, rootkits, spyware, phishing, suspicious apps, outdated software and spam. It has the ability to detect suspicious behaviors to ward off zero-day threats, and it includes a website advisor that can warn you about dangerous websites before you visit them. Though it does not have a specific tool for protecting you on social networking sites, you can block your children from accessing them using the parental control tools.

BullGuard includes parental controls and 5GB of online backup. Parental controls can help you manage how your child interacts with the internet. Capable parental controls such as those included with BullGuard can block your child from visiting dangerous websites, prevent them from engaging in online conversations with strangers and manage how much time they spend online. This internet security software will also keep a log of when your child attempts to visit restricted sites, disable the parental controls or share protected information. With this report, you know exactly what your teens attempt while you are away and how much time they spent online.

This internet security suite includes all required basics such as custom scans, a game mode, automatic updates, device and disc scanners and the ability to create a rescue CD. This software also comes with a PC tune-up tool that removes traces of uninstalled software, erases temporary files and removes broken registry entries. This tool can help you maximize your hard drive space and decrease startup time. With one BullGuard license you can secure three PCs or laptops.

BullGuard is always available to assist you. BullGuard offers email and live chat support 24/7 in a variety of languages. They provide support during specific hours in Danish, German, French, Spanish, Swedish and Norwegian. English chat support is 24/7. They post a helpful online user guide, FAQs and technical information about known malware. They also support a forum and post industry news and product information on Twitter.

BullGuard Internet Security Summary:

The BullGuard Internet Security Suite provides everything you need to protect your computer, identity and family. The interface is concise and simple to navigate. BullGuard has proven through third-party testing to be able to protect adequately against known and zero-day threats. Note especially that there is 24/7 online chat support.


BullGuard Internet Security 2014

BullGuard provides 24/7 support, 5GB of online storage and safe browsing.

It is better at preventing malware than at repairing already-infected computers.

The Verdict
: 8.5/10

You can trust this software to manage your family's internet security.