Total Defense Internet Security Suite is one of four internet security software products under the Total Defense brand – five, actually, if you include the Total Defense PC Tune-Up, which includes automatic driver updates (an important security feature). Whereas at least one of the best internet security software publishers has wisely consolidated nine internet security products into one security product, Total Defense continues with a more traditional product-line architecture, with multiple stock-keeping units separated by a few dollars and a few different features. In terms of performance, the independent test lab Virus Bulletin reports that Total Defense improved in 2014 over its 2013 results to win a VB100 award. Total Defense did not enter into any testing by AV-Test during 2014.

The feature set for this internet security suite is not quite as extensive as some of its competitors. However there are two more levels of Total Defense internet security suites above Total Defense Internet Security Suite. The entry-level Total Defense security product, Total Defense Anti-Virus, includes basic antivirus and antispyware. Stepping up to Total Defense Internet Security Suite adds quite a few desirable features. For example, you can protect Android devices with the license in addition to Windows PCs (for a total of three devices).

The Internet Security Suite also adds a proprietary firewall. We are never quite sure why software publishers include proprietary firewalls for Windows when the Windows firewall in its current incarnation is so good. However, for anyone who is attracted to the idea that it might be good for the security software and the firewall to be from the same vendor, then Total Defense Internet Security Suite provides such a thing. Perhaps more important than the firewall is the fact that by stepping up from the antivirus products, you gain social network protection. Unlike Total Defense Anti-Virus, Total Defense Internet Security Suite includes antispam and antiphishing features because spam is highly annoying and phishing – one could argue – represents a greater danger than malware. It also has parental controls, the worth of which depends on whether you live with children.

Total Defense Internet Security Suite Summary:

The Virus Bulletin lab reports an improvement in Total Defense performance between 2013 and 2014 and finds Total Defense worth of a VB100 award. AV-Test, however, has not recently included Total Defense in its performance testing. Although Total Defense Internet Security Suite contains far more useful security features than the entry level Total Defense product, it contains fewer features than many of its internet security suite competitors.

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Total Defense Internet Security Suite

Total Defense Internet Security Suite protects up to three devices and includes incremental backup, a data migration tool, parental controls and USB drive scanning.

Trial downloads are not available.

The Verdict:

Total Defense Internet Security Suite is perfectly acceptable internet security software with some useful features and a VB100 award for performance against malware.