McAfee Internet Security is an internet security suite that goes far beyond basic antivirus software in its scope of protection. Of course it protects computers from malware and repairs compromised machines, but it also serves to protect from phishing sites and social networks. Furthermore, it manages passwords and provides parental controls over children's internet access. It performs well enough to be among the top 10 in its field.

One of the most respected software performance evaluation labs, AV-Test, subjected McAfee Internet Security to rigorous testing and scored it in three areas. McAfee scored well in tests designed to demonstrated usability, including impact on system performance. It is very good when it comes to protection against malware attacks. Unfortunately, McAfee scored not so well in tests to uncover how well it can clean a machine on which malware is already running amok.

In addition to covering the basics such as defense against viruses and other malware, McAfee Internet Security blocks spam and dangerous email. It also preserves your identity, blocks you from accessing phishing sites and protects you on social networks. Another advanced feature is the ability to store usernames and passwords, which you can then use to log in to your favorite sites with one click.

This computer security software also lets you monitor and manage how family members use the internet. You can establish online time limits and block sites of your choosing. It will provide you with reports that show when each user logged in, how much time they spent online and whether they tried to access forbidden sites.
One license lets you secure all of your devices, including smartphones, tablets and Macs. From one web console, you can manage all of the devices and their settings. McAfee also offers a tune-up feature that removes applications you do not use as well as cached browser files that bog down PC speed.

Technical support is available for help with error messages or issues related to downloading, installing or uninstalling. A McAfee technician is available gratis by chat or telephone if a virtual technician cannot first diagnose and fix commonly anticipated issues. There are also support services available for a fee, such as a virus removal service.

McAfee Internet Security Summary:

According to AV-Test, McAfee Internet Security is excellent at usability, which means that it treads lightly on computer system resources and does not often get confused into falsely reporting safe software as unsafe malware. When it comes to internet security suites, McAfee is among the top 10 because of its performance and features.


McAfee Internet Security 2014

McAfee Internet Security received an excellent score in usability tests conducted by AV-Test.

In comparison with competitors, McAfee is not the best at cleaning computers that are already infected.

The Verdict
: 8.03/10

McAfee Internet Security is a highly usable internet security suite that does not get confused about whether a file is dangerous or not.